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French Tarot

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    French tarot to divine the future

    French deck was created in France, around 15th Century. As the Spanish deck, the French deck is a clear ascendant of tarot deck; thus, it’s still being used to decipher the mystery of future events. Spanish deck came first than French’s, and come forward in all Europe. Later, right in times of Charles VII French deck became popular.

    The French deck as a tarot, uses 32 of 52 cards than compose it; thus, cards 2 to 6 of the four suits shall be discarded.

    The French deck as a tarot, has some relevant deals:

    • The game of the three aces: in this game the only playing cards will be three aces: the ace of hearts, the ace of clubs, and the ace of spades. These three aces are place in front of the person who is going to make the question. This person is the one who has to shuffle the cards and then, choose one. The ace of spades is “No”, the ace of clubs is “Maybe”, and the ace of hearts is “Yes”.
    • The game of the fifteen: the person makes the question and then shuffles all the cards. The consultant should choose one card over the 15 for this deal, making 5 different piles with five cards each one. The first pile means the present, the second one is the upcoming events, the third one friendships and people we know, the fourth one the goals, and the fifth one the message or warning.
    • The game of three: the question is made and the cards are shuffled and cut, drawing only three cards from the deck. These three cards would be the ones which will answer the question.

    As you see, the pattern of the French deck as a tarot is similar to the tarot cards. It’s a good way to see the future.

    The meaning of the French deck cards

    In a cards reading, each one has a different meaning. It depends on which position the card shows (regular or inverted), or the situation of the person during the reading. Therefore, the following has to be taken into consideration:

    1. The meaning of each card, considered individually.
    2. The meaning of the cards with the same rank that shows one next by the other.
    3. The meaning of the cards after the reading.

    The suits also have their own meaning. The suit of hearts and clubs are considered positive, so they predict good things will happen; while a game with a huge number of diamonds or spades will be negative. Here is the meaning of the suits:

    Diamonds: They mean dangerous journeys and journeys, as well as setbacks, jealousy, amorous misfortunes and delays in professional and family projects.

    Hearts: predict happiness and success in or ventures. It’s related with love and all things that point to love life.

    Spades: indicate death, misfortunes, betrayals, fights, obstacles, infidelities, etc.

    Clubs: predict income, inheritances, prizes, great deals, professional success; in other words, everything related to money.

    Diamonds and spades are negative suits.