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Astrological Tarot

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    The astrological oracle is composed by 22 cards which symbolized the twelve zodiac signs and the ten planets or houses that represent the life’s aspects of a person and which hold a certain influence over each of us.

    The astrological tarot is a practical art and very easy to use because it focuses on the usage of intuition and instinct at any moment due to being a combination between the zodiac and the cards of the astrological oracle, this allows interpreting easily the future. Due to the great magnetism of its cards and the influence of the wizard Edmont, many diviners, fortune-tellers and astrologist use this oracle in their readings, which ease the way to reach more precise conclusions.

    Thanks to the information planets provide about people, their belongings, feelings and situations they have make through, the consultant is able to find the correct answers to his/her questions due to the alliance within astrology, the cards and the houses, allows have a more clear picture of the person’s future.