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Free Tarot

Welcome to our free tarot platform, an inviting haven where you can access an array of Tarot readings without cost. From the mystic realms of Runic, Animal, and Astrological Tarot to the profound wisdom of Celtic, Egyptian, and Marseille Tarot, we encompass an entire spectrum of divinatory arts. We are dedicated to help guide you through life’s complexities, offering insights and support for your personal and professional development. Explore our offerings and find the answers you seek, right here.

Runic Tarot online

Runic Tarot

Runic Tarot, rooted in ancient Viking culture, comprises 24 symbols representing wisdom and connection with the divine. An oracle rather than a future predictor, it guides energy focus amidst life’s challenges. Besides, it serves as a writing and cryptographic tool.

Tarot of Animals online

Animal Tarot

Animal Tarot offers a spiritual guide for personal balance and social relationship enhancement. Rooted in ancestral nature worship, it draws wisdom from animals’ intrinsic qualities. Our forebears learned survival strategies from observing these knowledgeable beings of Mother Earth.

Astrological Tarot online

Astrological Tarot

Combines zodiac symbols and astrological aspects into 22 cards, intuitively guiding users through life’s nuances. This practice, popularized by wizard Edmont, provides insight into people’s possessions, emotions, and experiences, offering precise, future-oriented readings.

Tarot of Dreams online

Tarot of Dreams

Inspired by the limitless dream world, offers profound insights through its vivid imagery. It not only illuminates your goals, but also provides guidance to navigate life’s challenges, fostering serene sleep and encouraging dream exploration.

Tarot of the Future online

Future Tarot

Feeling unsettled or stuck can be hard. The tarot of the future can’t solve everything, but it provides keys to navigate challenging situations. It answers pivotal life questions and guides us towards a desired path.

French tarot online

French Tarot

French Tarot, originating in the 15th century, is a form of divination. Its 32-card deck derives from the earlier Spanish deck, and its various games, such as the ‘game of three’, interpret future events through individual card meanings and arrangements.

Hebrew Tarot online

Hebrew Tarot

The Kabbalah, a Hebrew tradition, uses the Tree of Life to depict balance in the world. Its 22 paths are tied to the Hebrew alphabet and the Tarot’s 22 Major Arcana, showing the interconnection between Kabbalah and Tarot.

Persian tarot online

Persian Tarot

Created by a prescient child named Indira, is a unique divination tool rich with symbolism inspired by the tales of “1001 nights”. Its profound insights address personal concerns, professional development, and financial matters with precision.

Spanish Tarot Yes or No online

Spanish Tarot Yes or No

Harness the Spanish yes or no tarot’s potent power for precise, understandable predictions. Answer your deepest queries about love, work, and money. Let our professional tarot readers reveal your future mysteries. Consult today for informed decision-making.

Tarot Yes or No online

Tarot Yes or No

Tarot Yes or No provides straightforward answers to your pressing questions. By categorizing cards into positive, negative, and doubtful, it helps clarify uncertainties and guide decision-making. It’s a simple, effective tool for navigating life’s complexities.

Spanish Tarot online

Spanish Tarot

Spanish Tarot uses the symbology of Spanish Playing Cards: clubs, coins, cups, and swords, representing peace, trade, joy, and justice respectively. This divination art requires interpretation of card combinations, calling for intuition and knowledge.

Gypsy Tarot online

Gypsy Tarot

Gypsy tarot, thought to originate from ancient Egypt or 15th century Italy, is unique with its distinct deck and symbolism. Used primarily for fortune-telling by gypsies, it is composed of 36 cards featuring noble figures, landscapes, animals, and places.

Egyptian Tarot online

Egyptian Tarot

offered by Tarotsi’s professional cartomancers, traces its roots to ancient Egypt. It involves intricate symbolism and requires knowledge of divinatory arts. Explore its enigmatic imagery, consult with skilled seers, and gain unique insights into your destiny.

Tarot work online

Work Tarot

Work Tarot provides essential guidance for your career. Consult this tool for any job-related changes or concerns. It’s easy – simply click the deck for a major arcana reading, tailored to your work or economic situation. Enjoy a free reading today.

Tarot of Love online

Tarot of Love

Tarot of Love is an online oracle, illuminating your present and future love relationship. Unlike horoscopes, tarot doesn’t predict the future but stimulates reflective thinking. This tool offers insightful guidance, yet doesn’t overrule personal feelings or actions.

Marseille tarot online

Marseille Tarot

The Marseille Tarot, dating back to the late 15th century, is considered Europe’s oldest tarot. Named by French card-reader Paul Marteau in the 1930s, it traces its imagery to Gothic stained glass windows. The deck’s Major Arcana carry profound symbolism.

Celtic Tarot online

Celtic Tarot

Rooted in ancient Celtic traditions, enables self-discovery through the lens of Celtic magic. It aims to aid seekers in self-understanding, thereby illuminating life goals. Originating from the Celtic Iron Age, it is deeply intertwined with druidic beliefs and nature symbology.

Online tarot with artificial intelligence
Questions and answers with the online tarot
Take advantage of our AI-powered Tarot for quick and accurate insights into your love, career, and future questions. It’s simple, anonymous, and ready to use immediately.

Thank you for trusting our free tarot platform for your spiritual guidance. Whether you’re seeking personal balance, insight into your future, or exploring your subconscious through the world of dreams, our tarot readings are here to provide you with the guidance you need. Remember, these readings aim to stimulate reflection and personal understanding, rather than predicting set-in-stone futures. Embrace the journey and remember that the cards don’t overrule personal feelings or actions. Enjoy exploring, and may you find the wisdom you seek.