Animal Tarot

Animal Tarot
Animal Oracle

Tarot of the Animals

Animals play an important role in our lives. Animals offer us a picture of how would be our life if we live it in a more intuitive way. They can help us to discover unknown aspects of our personality, and even give us tracks about our unsuspected past.

If we would like to, our animal spirit totem could reveal us incredible aspects about our destiny and future. Come and see the message of your animal spirit totem playing this animal tarot reading; powerful symbols will provide you a new way to understand the divinatory messages using the animal inside you.

The animal tarot in like a guide that let us know more things, learn how to equilibrate and harmonize our inside and personal life, and improve our social relations. Our ancestors loved all aspects from the natural world, included animals; especially for their intrinsic qualities. The wisdom and guide of this tarot comes from the qualities of these animals.

For American Indians nature is sacred due to the man came to the earth after it, which means the man is lower than nature. For them, animals had collected all the knowledge provided by the mother earth, and thanks to their experience and watching the way they lived the man was able to survive…

Animal tarot is not so popular in the divinatory art of cartomancy, so it’s almost a classic. Its principle is very simple: the cards represent animals which will show you your destiny when they are well read. This online app with free tarot readings will provide you unusual answers. Try it and see!