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Celtic Tarot

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    Celtic tarot online

    Celtic tarot (such art comes from the Celtic traditions) allows every person venture in the universe of Celtic magic and discover the powers that rest inside them, giving the opportunity of improve every important aspect in their lives. The main objective of this oracle is help those who are looking for the true, know themselves better in order to get a clearly vision of their goals, so they can know which is their life’s purpose.

    Celtic tarot is also known as the deal of the Celtic cross, and was created by the Celtic people located mainly in Scotia, Ireland, and Wales during the Iron Age (1200-400 BC).

    Druids were members that existed in the community. They were powerful people that had the ability to see the future. They were connected with the Gods, and had a very close relation both nature and its spirits and creatures: goblins, elves, trees, flowers, earth, fairies, and more.

    In Celtic oracle, each tree is associated to an animal, solar/lunar calendar constellation, and alphabet’s letter due to Celts believed each one has a different prophetic meaning.