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Spanish Tarot

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    Tarot with Spanish Playing Cards

    The Cartomancy exists as a divination science, formerly was associated with symbols that had to do with war but later have been associated with known symbols are clubs, coins, cups and swords. Formerly it was clovers, tiles (diamond), pikes (spades) and hearts. Clovers had to do with the clubs, tiles with coins, pikes with cups and hearts with pikes. Later it was found the equivalence with the Spanish Playing Cards, clovers corresponds to clubs, hearts corresponds to cups, pikes corresponds to swords, and tiles corresponds to the coins.

    Spanish Tarot, basic spread:

    In basic spread three piles are used, for what you want to know on the top, for me in the middle, and the house on the bottom. Throw to the left is the traditional method, always as the cards are displayed.

    Meaning of Spanish Cards:

    Golds stick trade, money, passion, interest, resentment.

    Swords basically mean justice, also betrayal, pain, jealousy, power.

    Cups basically means debauchery, joy, happiness, friendship, love.

    The Clubs basically means peace, vigor, agriculture, hardness, strength, will and sensuality.

    The Spanish Tarot and the Spanish Playing Cards interpretation is not reduced to “card by card”, but rather, a combination of several card, thus makes interpretations become an art, of good intuition and knowledge.

    Spanish Playing Card free spread online, it is an excellent tool to introduce us in the Tarot practice with Spanish Playing Cards, which is one of the most popular for interested and Spanish-speaking scholars, and for all Westerners in general.

    The meaning of tarot cards with Spanish Playing Cards, to get more information, click here.