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Persian Tarot

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    Do you know the amazing history of the Persian tarot? I promise this history won’t disappoint you because the energy that emits the legend of its creations will encourage you to follow its useful advices. To know the history of this tarot we have know first Indira’s (a prescient woman who at the age of 11 created her own divination deck). Almost from its youngest age, Indira knew she was capable to see the future and travel within the blurry destiny waters.

    At the age of 13 she had her first vision. She predicted real events related to the Second World War, one of them was the famous Norway’s landing. Since that moment, all those people who doubt hers ability had to accept the true, so rumors about her ability were clear off.

    It wasn’t until 1980 this Persian tarot could finally be published, based obviously in those children’s drawings made by Indira long ago.

    As can be seen just giving a look to the cards of this exotic tarot, the draws are clearly inspired in the amazing history of “1001 nights”, where we can see clearly its influence. We can also notice in many cases the innocence and simplicity that only a child (in this case a little girl), could give to tarot cards.

    These cards are extremely symbolic and allegorical, open to the interpretation of those who consult this oracle; even thought the knowledge passed thanks to the word of mouth generation after generation has brought up to our days the symbolism Indira wanted to give us when she created it. All the events that could concern people close to her or the people she met were expressed on this cards.

    Persian tarot answers precisely to all those worries related to our live life, professional development or financial matter we could have. The great Persian tarot let us discover the Indira’s precisely answers in all the important aspects, and find happiness listening to the sage advice given by this tarot.