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Hebrew Tarot

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    Have you ever think in the relation the Kabbalah has with the tarot? If you don’t know what the Kabbalah is, you will hardly know what relates them; though, those seers and cartomancers that have studied these antique arts can see clearly the relation.

    First, the kabbalah is an art that originates from the Hebrew tradition. According to the legend, this knowledge was passed from Moses in the Sinai together with the Tables of the Law, and since then has been passed generation after generation.

    The Kabbalah (name that comes from the Hebrew word kábbalá that means tradition) is based on the universal law of balance, which states a balance between the principles or the forces that compose this world will always exist. To represent the ideas of the Kabbalah it’s used the so called Tree of Life or Sephirothic Tree, composed by ten “sephirots” or divine incarnations, and 22 paths in which we are going to focus on. The Tree of Life represents the path God takes to act in the world. Though, we can also interpret it as the way humans take up to the perfectionism or divinity, in other words, an evolutive and internal growth method.

    The 22 paths of the Tree of Life are related with the 22 letters in the Hebrew alphabet, because each path has its own letter. In the same way, the letters and the paths have been related with the 22 Major Arcana. This is the reason why some of the letters of the Hebrew traditions are usually found in some tarot decks.