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Yes/No reading. Playing with one card.

Sometimes we just want a quick answer, or want to pull all our eggs into one basket. This is one of the favorite readings, though in every decision many personal and external aspects we can’t control will interfere.

I’m not particularly fan of categorical answers. That’s why I have incorporate different shades for some cards. Not everything is always black or white. Thus, even when an answer at one point could be NO, it still can be changed according to the actions and decision we make; depending on the choices others make o from other thing or situations that are out of our control. Am I going on vacation? Maybe now the answer is NO, but in a couple of weeks or some months it can be a YES.

This system is also useful when we play any other reading. By example, if in a love question come up several inverted coins, we can say that relation isn’t having a good time or it’s a relation that won’t work. If the question is about economy, we can say it won’t be economic growth or that we aren’t going to receive a waited payment. If the question is about work, maybe the work someone is going to offer us won’t be well-paid or you will have troubles trying to find a stable job. If the question is about your academic life, it can mean you won’t pass your exams. If the question is about health, maybe you won’t experience a recovery for now and you might be recommended to visit a specialist or look for a second opinion.

This kind of interpretation would be separated from the particular meaning of each card, and the general reading interpretation. It would give us extra information.

Make a question that can be answered with a Yes or No. Remember to be specific and add a time period (this week, in three month, etc.).

Shuffle the cards thinking on your question and choose a card randomly that will give you the answer. You can shuffle the cards and put them on the table to choose one. You can have the deck in your hand and take it from there. You can also make a cut and take the card from it… Make your choice based on your intuition.

Each of these cards has a Yes/No meaning; though, there are some cards that don’t provide you a clear answer. You will have to learn the meaning of every card, however these comes with practice.

I don’t recommend you to make the same question more than once. If you have made a question and were answered but you still have doubts, you can change your question to look for more details but don’t repeat the same until find the answer you want.