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Oracle of Luck

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    Lucky Oracle Online

    The lucky oracle was created by Colette Silvestre. This is an interesting divinatory oracle, so simple to read by the person or people who want to know about their future in relation with luck. If you have questions about your future life, this oracle will give you an quick answer.

    About the lucky oracle

    This tarot deck is composed by 48 cards, which are most of the time sold with a small explanatory book. It has four groups of twelve cards each one: the result cards; the cards that represent the obstacles to overcome; the gift cards; and the lucky cards. These cards will provide you messages that could go better depending on your personal fate.

    A simple rule

    The rules to play this oracle are very easy. You will ask the questions for which you need an immediate answer. For this, you have to start folding randomly just one card of the 48 which composed the deck. First, you have to choose the area of your interest (love, work, finance, health, etc.). After choosing the area, you have to take your time in order to think about the question you want to make, always in a clear way. Once you fold the card, you will have to do the corresponding interpretation.

    Some useful advices

    In order to enjoy the best this tarot you have to consider some aspects to avoid mistakes. Do not make the same question more than once in the same area. This could lead you to conflicting results and cause doubts and insecurities to your spirit.