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Flowers Oracle

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    Flowers Oracle online

    What would become of us without plants and flowers around? We would be surely lost, deprived of color and light to survive. The Flowers oracle provides you a special message. It’s composed of 53 illustrated cards with a unique flower.

    We invite you to discover the Flowers oracle, which is inspire on the flowers’ language; used for a long time in Victorian times, in England, to receive loving messages in secret code.

    Flowers Oracle brings, of course, clear messages about your current personal situation. It will find the best way to lead messages to your desired field; no matter if it’s professional, friendship or love.

    Flowers languages dates from the Ancient Greece, and with such distinctive gentleness poetic style of expressing feelings it reached its peak time in Victorian England, limited by stifle social codes. Lovers had found a subtle way to send messages because, in some way, flowers are a tool that helps you get in contact with your inner-self and develop all your potential.

    We have used the flowers’ language to know your feelings for a person. Flowers are like angels, birds and butterflies, that is to say, messengers. Today we offer flowers for Mother’s Day, 1st May Eve; we request to send flowers on birthdays, marriages, etc., and we grow them in our gardens and balconies to brighten the place.

    This oracle brings a different message hide in any flower of each illustrated card. Each flower has a hidden secret to tell you, so open your heart and sit down. After reading the flowers’ messages, you will keep thinking on them.