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Gemstone Oracle

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    Gemstone Oracle Online

    Gemstones have been always fascinating objects for humans, thanks to its brightness, color and shape. Naturally, due to the characteristics of these gemstones they were introduced to the divinatory arts, used commonly before make a reading or as therapy.

    Gemstones have qualities that ease the use of divination skills. The gemstone oracle is a tarot deck composed by 32 cards which represent each one a different gemstone. Each gemstone has a different meaning with which it can be determined a thought, suggest reflection tracks, show different situations, etc., it doesn’t matters if they are emotional, professional or spiritual.

    Using the application of the gemstone oracle the energies of the gemstones will flow within them and being projected to the consultant.

    Every person has a gemstone that with which they are identified, but sometimes the combination of several gemstones allow providing the consultant a positive energy. Each gemstone has a very singular and personal usage, so it’s necessary to purify every gemstone before use it in order to avoid the mixing, joint or multiplication of energies.

    Far from being magic, gemstones are intrinsically linked to life. They release a real radiation so it’s understandable this can affect the personal behavior of each of us: for example, sapphire offers stability in the relationship as well as serenity; diamond provides a big quantity of positive energy and produce a feeling of real confidence in ourselves.