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    This tarot was created by Gerard Barbier and published by France Cartes in 1991. The 61 cards’ images were draw with pencils of vibrating colors while the back side was drawn in black color with gold concentric circles that enclose the italic letter “G”.

    The main aspects that make this GE’s oracle unique are the four cards related to the four year’s seasons. The season cards are used to predict the moment and duration of the reading. Moreover, this oracle counts with eight character cards to represent the different people in consultant’s life.

    This oracle is a game of cards for divination that is based on the tarot, reason why it’s similar to tarot cards. The main difference between these oracles is in the number of the cards they use.

    If we refer to the publication date, the GE’s oracle is one of the most recent divinatory arts. They were created by Gerard Barbier in 1991. After being introduce in the divinatory arts by its master, this decided to create a deck of cards in which he combine his artistic desires with his divination ability. Actually, his cards have already reassured many professionals and fans of the divinatory arts.

    GE’s oracle allows a person get precise information about his/her future in health, love, profession, spirit and personal matters. The questions make before the reading should be about these five areas. The reading for a question uses only 7 cards; the first 3 cards folded refer to the present situation of the interested person; the fourth and fifth cards refer to the possible progress; the sixth represents the influence; and the conclusion can be set after fold the last card.

    The professional with which we make the Reading provides advices related to these conclusions in order to improve the consultant’s future. As in tarot, GE’s oracle is based on cards reading, so anyone can learn how to use it, even if this person doesn’t have a natural ability to predict the future.

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