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The blue oracle is composed by 73 cards filled with incredible beauty resulting from the sensibility and artistic qualities of the collaborative work between the painter and artist Sylvie Breysse and the seer Didier Doryan. This oracle refers to the relation between the man and the woman, the nature, the animals and the elements.

Its iconographic and esthetic originality in which the blue color prevails, encourage us to increase our inner wisdom by exploring the esoteric and spiritual world. The blue oracle provides answers in the emotional, professional and financial area. It shows the qualities of a person and even provides advices with precise information like the place or the time of year.

From the 73 cards that composed this deck, four are related with the seasons; four more are related with the elements; four more refer to the different spiritual worlds like the plant world, the animal world, the mineral world, and the decaying world (this last one is consider like a bad omen). The rest of the cards have different characters like the woman, the man, the elephant, the guide, the benevolent…., and allegorical symbols like the sadness, the deal, the tower, etc.

Due to the complexity of this tarot, a lot of practice is needed to develop the intuition to use it wisely because there are many way to interpret and read this oracle. It’s recommended (especially for beginners) start with the most simple methods before learn the most complexity techniques. For those who want to learn how to interpret in a better way the combinations of these cards is suitable to have the book written by the creators of this oracle.