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Blue Oracle

Blue Oracle online

The blue oracle consists of seventy-three cards of significant aesthetic beauty, the product of the sensitivity and artistic qualities of its creator, the artist and painter Sylvie Breysse, with the help of clairvoyant Didier Doryan. The game refers to the connections that exist between man, woman, nature, animals, and elements.

Its aesthetic and iconographic originality, in which the color blue predominates, encourages us to increase our inner wisdom and immerse ourselves in the world of esotericism and spirituality. The blue tarot provides answers in the emotional, professional, and economic fields and shows a person’s qualities; it can even give advice and precise coordinates related to places and times of the year.

Blue Oracle Online

This oracle consists of 73 cards, 4 of which are linked to seasons, 4 to elements and 4 refer to different planes, such as the plant, animal, mineral, and the world in ruin, considered an ill omen. The other cards, instead, represent characters like the woman, the man, the elephant, the guide, the benevolent… and allegorical symbols like sadness, business, the tower, etc.

Since it is a rather complete oracle, much practice is needed to develop the right intuition and be able to use it wisely; in fact, there are various forms of reading. It is recommended, especially for beginners, to start with the simplest methods before learning to handle the more complex techniques. Those who wish to learn to interpret the combinations of these cards in the best way should preferably get the book written by the authors of the oracle.

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