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Russian Gypsy Fortune Telling

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    The gypsy deck has the power to predict your fate.

    The gypsy deck, consists of 25 sheets of square shape and elaborately decorated, which form a puzzle of 50 figures, and in turn, each of its figures has 4 positions with their respective four meanings each, it is one of the oracles more accurate and easy to use for yourself.

    The last card bears a special importance, as it consolidates the meaning of the total reading. Most of the interpretations are favorable; however a few letters as the hearse, mountains, scythe and snake warn you of dangers when in position 1. If one of these cards is the last one, is warning of a serious danger.

    It helps revealing situations, making us aware and able to choose the way in which we must support and we should consider facing the situation. The cards do not seek self-control, the way we see events and how we react to them will always depend on our “free will”. Remember that the pilot of your life, your actions or lack thereof, determines what might happen.