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    The Oracle Wicca Online

    Wicca is a neo-pagan religion oriented toward harmony with Mother Nature or Gaia, where those who practice alone or in small groups called “Coven”, celebrate the harmony with the earth through rituals of pre-Christian ancient cultures European, i.e. they are ancient European pagan practices.

    We should also mention that Wicca is not an ancient religion, but rather the opposite, born in the 50s by Gerald Gardner, who called it mistakenly “The Old Religion” but in reality it is not, It is considered a neo-pagan or pagan religion, which many misinterpret it and often called it white witchcraft or sorcery.

    Wiccans worship God and receive Communion, they also called it the Great Spirit, the creator of all that exists and believe in a god who is not only male but also female, god is a goddess and simultaneously father and mother.

    They have religious services called Esbbats and Sabbaths, celebrations dedicated to the Great Spirit, where to celebrate the seasons, phases of the moon and sun, nature and creation.

    They follow laws and rules to be in harmony with the universe. The fundamental law of Wicca is “without harming anything or anyone, do what your heart desires.” Nature is something they worship and care for it is God’s creation. Each plant, tree, animal, and person have a soul and is a being, every place on earth is sacred, such as forests, beaches, mountains, rivers, seas, sky, jungle, etc. The Wiccan Temple is nature itself.

    As Christianity, it uses the cross or the Jewish Star of David, in Wicca the sacred symbol is the pentacle, which has nothing to do with Satanism, and absolutely has nothing to do with the Christian devil or any other devil or demon or negative entity of any other religion, nor with Satanism or anything dark, they only live for good.

    Wiccans are people of God, they love God above all, practice magic, but magic is secondary in Wicca but important. They practice magic, spells, divination, herbalism, energy management, healing, prayers, rituals, and psyche, they do mostly white and healing magic.

    All rituals and ceremonies are based on ancient pagan religions of Indo-European peoples as the Celts, and take various positive contributions only of good religions. It is a religion for any race, age, country, religion is not dogmatic it is individualistic.

    Wicca has its own myths, religious objects, rituals, oracles and laws. The Oracle of Wicca created by the English Sally Morningstar, author of The Book and the Deck Wicca