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History of Belline oracle

It was created in 1845 by Edmond, a famous seer and medium. But this oracle became really popular thanks to a cartomancer called Belline, so it somehow got the name of this famous clairvoyant. Belline oracle is composed by 52 cards plus one blue card that symbolize the destiny. This oracle is inspired in the planet of the solar system, the moon, the sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter.

Belline Marcel is the real name of this famous French fortune-teller during the 20th Century. He was born in 1924 and people called him the Prince of seers. The young Belline develop a early interest for the antiquity and the art, but destiny wanted he follow a different path: the path of predict the future.

His life changed when he discovered by accident in an attic an old reading manuscript written at hand: a creation of Jean-des-Vignes Rouges. After that very moment Belline started to get interested in the divinatory arts. He studied chiromancy, graphology, cartomancy, astrology… and started to read the cards.

Lately, he fall sick and was hospitalize in the Alps. But his condition went worse and doctors were really worried. Belline had a vision in which he saw he was going to get better and overcome the illness, but he also saw another patient heal from his/her intestinal obstruction. From then on he believed in his seer’s gifts and established his office in Paris since 1950.