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Belline Oracle

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History of the Belline Oracle

The Belline oracle is an ancient tarot, but it is still very popular among seers.

Its creation occurred in 1845 by the famous seer and medium Edmond, but it became really famous thanks to a fortune-teller named Belline, and in some way, it acquired the name of this renowned clairvoyant. The Belline oracle is composed of 52 cards plus a blue card symbolizing destiny. The essence of this oracle is inspired by the planets of the solar system, the moon, the sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.

Belline Marcel is his real name and he was a famous French seer of the twentieth century. He was born in 1924. They called him the Prince of Seers. The young Belline was quite interested in art and antiquities, but fate decided that he should pursue another career: predicting the future.

His life changed when he accidentally discovered an old manuscript in an attic, a work of Jean-des-Vignes Rouges. Then he became interested in the art of divination and studied palmistry, graphology, tarot, astrology… and he began to interpret the cards.

Later, he fell seriously ill and was admitted to a hospital in the Alps, but his conditions worsened. The doctors were very worried, but Belline had a vision in which he saw that he was about to recover from his illness. He also saw another patient recovering from an intestinal obstruction and this convinced him that he had a gift as a clairvoyant. In 1950, he established his office in Paris.