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The Oracle of the Angels

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Human beings need to fill the spiritual void that leads them to commit acts that do not belong to their essence, violence, addictions, depression, poverty and disease are just some manifestations of this spiritual void.

You are not here by chance, nothing happens by chance. What is happening at this time in your life has a reason and a purpose. And besides, it affects the entire universe because everything is connected, a small breath affects everything that exists, we are all one. Ask the angels to help you connect with the Divinity, this is one of the functions they make and perhaps the most important.

Angels have always been with us since the beginning of time. Before communication with them it was natural, because man responded to their own natural divine essence.

The Angels Oracle offers answers from heavenly angels in the cards with its symbolic graphic representation. The Free Angels Oracle is an application that make a spread with a card, corresponding to the guardian angel that will bring you an answer regarding your mental and emotional state.