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    Heads or Tails virtual coin.

    Everyone at some point in life, and not a few, need to make a decision, and if possible random and quickly. Heads or Tails, the flip a coin online game, offers this possibility. Heads or Tails, the flip a coin online game. This interactive application generates heads or tails with 50% probability without requiring any coin.

    Heads or Tails is an application offered by Free Oracles, is intended for anyone who needs flip a coin at a given time, in this case is virtual, but the result will be the same, and is offering the same odds as if you do with real coin.

    All you have to do with this virtual online game is interact with the keys, and you’ll get instant results with a 50% chance. And well, we hope is to your pleasure and enjoys a while with this simple application, good luck.