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    Dominomancy: Fortune-telling with dominoes.

    The origin of dominoes is quite uncertain. Some say these small pieces were invented in China and, at first, do not constitute in a game itself, but were used to divine the future. Although this information is not confirmed, it not seems strange to think that the Chinese, since ancient times, had several types of oracles, as shown by the invention of the I Ching, which dates from around 3000 BC.

    According to the ancient Chinese book of Research at All Things Traditions, the dominoes were set up by an ancient dynasty employee, who presented it to his emperor with bone pieces. According to the same source, the dominoes were a variation of the dice, as the figures that form the parts are the same as those that can form two dice thrown together.

    Apart from these historical considerations about the dominoes origin, it is known today that the domino oracular method of divining the future, dominomancy, is a combination of two known divination systems: the ruins of the ancient Scandinavians and numerology.

    To see the dominoes, you need to have a complete system, with 28 pieces and a small bag of black cloth (preferably velvet). The pieces must always remain stored in this bag, because it is the only way to keep your energy, and at the same time, be immune from any external influence that may affect the response.