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Extrasensory Perception Test

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    Zener Cards ESP Test, assesses your extrasensory perception with Zener cards.

    Test your psychic skill with this simple and fun psychological test. Zener cards are used to conduct experiments of extrasensory perception. The goal is try to predict which will be the form of the card before clicking the button and show the card image. After selecting the card, it will be given the correct answer, close your eyes and try to focus on what the next card will be.

    Quickly evaluates the performance level of your current paranormal skills. 25 attempts are necessary, for the result to be significant.

    The computer selects one of the five letters to guess. Concentrate and then click the one you think is the chosen card. Don’t use logic, let yourself guided by intuition.

    The average normal of the test is 20% (5 hits), up from 21% exceeds the probabilistic law (the results would be good). More than 42% would be above the law of chance (The results would be excellent).

    With Zener Test, we can verify our extrasensory abilities, such as telepathy or clairvoyance, try it…