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​Dice Divination

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    Dice Divination it is quick and easy.

    Legend has it that the dice emerged in the east through the Sumerian civilization. Its true origin is unknown, knowing only that others also used it to predict the future. The men of gypsy tribes always carried their dice in their pockets to predict the future and make decisions. Manage the Free Online Dice Divination it is quick and easy

    Gypsies, mostly men, played with three dice and just use after energize with fresh water, rain, river, lake or waterfall and into the gypsy ritual. Roll of the dice on a handkerchief and a glass of water together neutralize the negative forces.

    This oracle is very present among the Romani population, has always been used by men for good luck until the present day, despite its masculine energy, many Romanies also work with this surprising oracle.