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Will my ex return?

    my ex will return

    Overcoming a breakup can be challenging, especially when you still have feelings for that person and wonder if you will get back together. Tarot can provide valuable guidance and help you gain perspective on whether your ex might return to your life.

    Is it possible to predict the return of an ex with Tarot?

    Although Tarot cannot guarantee the return of an ex, it can offer hints and possibilities based on current energies. It is important to remember that Tarot cards reflect the present and trends, but they are not an absolute prediction of the future, as free will and personal choices play a fundamental role in our lives.

    We will show you how to perform a two-card reading with major arcana to explore the possibility of your ex coming back to you.

    Step 1: Preparation

    The first thing you need to do is find a quiet place and relax. Take deep breaths and focus on the question you want to ask the Tarot: “Will my ex come back?” It is important to be as calm and centered as possible so that the energy can flow and the cards can reflect your concerns.

    Step 2: Select two major arcana cards

    Shuffle the Tarot cards and choose two major arcana cards. These cards will symbolize the current situation and the energies at play in relation to your question about whether your ex will return to your life.

    Will my ex return?

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    Tarot cards and their meanings in the context of love

    In Tarot, there are 78 cards divided into major and minor arcana. Each of these cards has a unique meaning and can provide information about different aspects of love, relationships, and the possibility of reconciliation.

    Major and minor arcana in love Tarot

    The 22 major arcana represent the major life lessons and transformative events, while the 56 minor arcana cards address more everyday themes and specific aspects of our experiences. Both groups of cards can shed light on the love situation and the possibility of a reunion with an ex.

    Interpreting the cards based on the past relationship

    To understand the cards in the context of love and the return of an ex, it is essential to consider the past relationship and the circumstances that led to the breakup. This will help contextualize and better understand the messages that the cards offer us.

    Key cards indicating the possibility of an ex returning

    There are some cards in the Tarot that can suggest the possibility of an ex returning. Below, we explore some of the most relevant ones.

    The Fool: A new beginning on the horizon


    This card symbolizes a fresh start and the possibility of venturing into the unknown. In the context of love, it may indicate a return of the ex with a new perspective and the willingness to start anew.

    The Lovers: Reconciliation and emotional connection


    The Lovers represent the union and love between two people. This card could indicate a reconciliation and the reemergence of a deep emotional connection with an ex.

    The Star: Hope and optimism for the future


    The Star is a card of hope and optimism. In the context of love, it may suggest that there are possibilities for a reunion with an ex, as long as both parties are willing to work together to build a brighter future.

    Judgment: Renewal and forgiveness


    Judgment symbolizes renewal and the opportunity to correct past mistakes. This card can indicate that an ex is willing to forgive and start over, offering the possibility of a return.

    Other cards to consider

    There are other cards that can also provide hints about the return of an ex, such as The Sun, which represents happiness and harmony, or Temperance, which suggests balance and reconciliation.

    Pairs of cards that speak to whether my ex will return

    The Fool and The Magician: New Beginnings and Manifestation

    The combination of The Fool and The Magician in a reading can indicate a period of new beginnings and the ability to manifest your desires into reality. This combination suggests that even though the relationship with your ex has ended, there are exciting new opportunities to explore that can lead to significant personal growth.

    The Hierophant and The Lovers: Spiritual Guidance and Love Decisions

    The Hierophant and The Lovers together indicate a search for spiritual guidance and wisdom to make important love decisions. If you’re wondering if your ex will return, these cards urge you to seek deeper answers and consider the relationship from a higher perspective.

    Justice and The Hermit: Balance and Inner Reflection

    The appearance of Justice and The Hermit suggests a time of balance and inner reflection. They invite you to carefully consider past decisions and actions that have led to the current situation. This self-examination can provide valuable insight into whether your ex might return soon.

    The Wheel of Fortune and Strength: Unexpected Changes and Inner Courage

    The Wheel of Fortune and Strength together can indicate unexpected changes and the need for inner courage. Even if things seem uncertain now, these cards encourage you to trust in your strength and know that you are prepared for whatever changes may come.

    The Hanged Man and Death: Sacrifice and Transformation

    The Hanged Man and Death suggest a time of sacrifice and transformation. This card pair may indicate that the relationship with your ex has come to an end for now, but it also signals significant change and personal evolution. It may not be easy, but this transformation will lead you to greater growth and understanding.

    The Devil and The Tower: Confronting Shadows and Liberation

    The Devil and The Tower together may seem intimidating, but they represent confronting shadows and liberation. If these cards appear in your reading, they can indicate that there are destructive patterns or unhealthy behaviors in your relationship that need to be released before your ex can consider returning.

    The Star and The Sun: Hope and Radiant Optimism

    The combination of The Star and The Sun radiates an energy of hope and optimism. If you’re hoping for your ex to come back, these cards encourage you to maintain hope and stay positive. Despite the challenges, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Judgment and The World: Awakening and Complete Life Cycles

    Judgment and The World together represent an awakening and the completion of a life cycle. If you’re wondering if your ex will return, these cards may suggest that it’s time for both of you to evaluate the relationship and consider whether you want to start a new cycle together.

    How to do a Tarot reading focused on the return of an ex

    There are several Tarot spreads that can be helpful in exploring the possibility of a reunion with an ex. Here are some popular options.

    The Two-Card Spread

    This simple spread involves selecting two cards: one representing the querent and another representing the ex. The relationship between these cards can provide insights into the possibility of a reunion.

    The Celtic Cross Spread for Love

    This spread consists of ten cards arranged in the shape of a cross. Each position of the cross represents a different aspect of the love situation, such as the past, present, future, and challenges to face. This spread offers a comprehensive view of the relationship and can shed light on the possibility of a reunion with an ex.

    The Three-Card Spread to explore the past, present, and future

    This simple spread uses three cards to represent the past, present, and future of the relationship. It can be helpful in identifying patterns and trends that may influence the possibility of a reunion with an ex.

    The Yes or No Spread for quick answers

    This spread involves selecting one card and using its meaning to answer a specific question, such as “Will my ex come back?” While this spread can provide a quick answer, it is important to remember that Tarot is a tool of guidance and not an absolute prediction of the future.

    External factors to consider in interpreting the cards

    When interpreting the Tarot cards, it is important to consider external factors that may influence the situation.

    Free will and destiny in romantic relationships

    Tarot offers guidance and perspectives, but it cannot control the free will of the people involved. Each individual has the ability to make choices that can change the course of their life and relationships.

    How actions and personal decisions influence the outcome

    Our actions and decisions can have a significant impact on the outcome of a love situation. When interpreting the Tarot cards, it is essential to consider how our choices may affect the possibility of a reunion with an ex.

    Tips for dealing with the outcome of a Tarot reading about an ex

    It is crucial to approach the results of a Tarot reading with an open mind and a willingness to learn. Here are some tips for dealing with the outcome of a reading about the return of an ex.

    The importance of self-knowledge and personal growth

    Tarot readings can provide an opportunity to reflect on our own growth and evolution in life. Regardless of the outcome, it is essential to focus on self-knowledge and personal development to face the future with confidence and wisdom.

    How to handle expectations and desires in the process

    It is important to remember that Tarot is a tool of guidance and not a prediction of the future. As we face the outcome of a reading about an ex’s return, we must be open to different possibilities and be prepared to accept what the universe has in store for us.

    In summary, Tarot can offer valuable insight into love and the possibility of an ex returning to our lives. However, it is essential to remember that free will and our personal choices play an important role in the outcome of our love lives. By interpreting the Tarot cards, we can gain a deeper understanding of our situation and make informed decisions about our emotional future.