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What does he/she feel for me?


    Have you ever wondered what someone feels for you? Would you like to have a small clue, something to help you decipher hidden feelings? If so, tarot could be the tool you need. This ancient art of card reading can provide you with deep insights into the emotions and thoughts of others, as well as yourself. On this page, we will guide you on how to use the tarot to explore the question “What does he/she feel for me?”, we will highlight the most relevant cards for this query, and provide useful tips for interpreting your own tarot readings.

    How to use tarot to know what he/she feels for me?

    Venturing into the mysteries of the tarot to decipher someone else’s feelings can be an exciting and revealing journey. Below, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you use tarot to discover what someone might be feeling for you.

    Preparation before the spread. Before you start the spread, it’s important to prepare properly. Create an atmosphere of serenity and tranquility to help you connect with your intuition and the energies of the tarot. You can light a candle or burn some incense you like, while focusing on the question: “What does he/she feel for me?” Let this question settle in your mind and heart.

    Interpreting the major arcana. Once you feel ready, it’s time to draw the cards. For this query, we are using the major arcana, which have deep and powerful meanings. When they appear in your reading, pay attention to their images and the feelings they evoke in you. Does the card suggest the idea of love, desire, confusion, fear, hope, or indifference? Keep in mind that these interpretations are subjective and can vary depending on the person reading them.

    What does he/she feel for me?

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    Tarot cards most relevant to the question: What does he/she feel for me?

    There are certain major arcana that can be particularly relevant when we seek to explore someone’s feelings towards us through tarot. Here we present some of the cards that could be especially significant in this context:

    The Emperor and the feeling of power and dominance


    If The Emperor appears in your spread, it may indicate that the person in question feels a powerful attraction towards you, possibly seeing you as someone they want to protect or guide. This card can suggest a strong connection, although it could also indicate a relationship based on control or dominance.

    The Empress and the expression of maternal love


    The Empress is the card of maternal love, nourishment, and care. If it appears in your spread, it could mean that the person you are consulting feels deep and tender love for you, wanting to take care of and nurture you. However, it could also indicate a tendency to be overprotective or controlling.

    The Lovers and the doubt between love and passion


    The Lovers are a card of passionate love and choice. If this card appears, it could indicate that the person feels a strong romantic and physical attraction to you. However, it could also suggest indecision, perhaps because they are at a crossroads between two possible paths or people.

    The Tower and radical changes in emotions


    The Tower is a card of sudden, sometimes catastrophic changes. If it appears in your spread, it could indicate that the person’s feelings towards you are changing rapidly and unpredictably. It could also suggest that their relationship with you has been a source of turmoil or confusion.

    The Magician and the ability for emotional adaptation


    The Magician is a card of skill, adaptability, and power. If it appears in your spread, it could indicate that the person feels they have a dynamic connection with you, full of possibilities. It may also suggest that they are willing to adapt and change to improve their relationship with you.

    The Hermit and the internal search for feelings


    The Hermit is a card of introspection and self-knowledge. If this card appears in your spread, it could suggest that the person is looking inward to understand their true feelings towards you. They may not be sure of what they feel yet, but they are willing to embark on the journey of self-discovery to find out.

    Remember, these interpretations are general guides, and the true significance of the cards can vary depending on the circumstances, other cards in the spread, and your own intuition and interpretation.