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Does he/she think about me?

    think of me

    We have all wondered at some point if someone special is thinking about us. Sometimes, we are overwhelmed with curiosity about a person’s feelings and want to know if we also occupy a place in their thoughts. Tarot can help us discover if that person is thinking about us. Our special “Does He/She Think About Me?” spread is designed to offer you a clear and accurate perspective on what your special person feels towards you.

    How Does the “Does He/She Think About Me?” Tarot Spread Work?

    To perform the spread, you will need to select two major arcana from the tarot deck that is presented in our web application. These two cards symbolize different aspects of the relationship and provide a comprehensive picture of the thoughts and feelings of your loved one.

    Once you have selected your cards, our application will reveal the specific interpretation based on the arcana you have chosen. This interpretation, formulated from years of study and experience in the tarot, will give you a unique perspective on whether that special person is thinking about you or not.

    Does he/she think about me?

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    Which Arcana Can Reveal That Someone Is Thinking About You?

    When we ask if someone is thinking about us, there are several major arcana that could give us the answer we are looking for. Among these, there are some that stand out for their connection with thoughts, feelings, and human relationships.

    The Fool: This arcana can represent the idea of someone who is leaping into the unknown. If this arcana comes up, it can suggest that the person is considering a new adventure or experience with you.

    The Devil: This arcana, despite its dark connotation, can reveal a strong attraction or an emotional bond that the person may be feeling towards you. Passion and desire are also represented by The Devil.

    The Star: Indicates hope and optimism, which may suggest that someone has good thoughts about you.

    The Lovers: This card suggests an emotional and romantic connection between two people.

    Interpreting Pairs of Arcana to Know if He/She Thinks About Me

    Pairs of major arcana can provide more detailed and nuanced answers to your questions, as each combination can offer a unique interpretation. Here, we will delve into the analysis of several pairs of arcana to help you decipher if that special person is thinking about you.

    The Emperor and The Empress:

    When these two major arcana appear together, they represent a strong balance between masculine and feminine aspects, which could indicate a reciprocal relationship in which both parties are thinking about each other. The combination of these arcana suggests a relationship where there is mutual respect and consideration.

    The Fool and The Star:

    This combination suggests a desire for new experiences and renewed optimism. If you choose this pair, it could be an indication that the person you have in mind is thinking about exploring something new with you, or sees you as a source of inspiration and hope.

    The Tower and The Devil:

    This is a complex and powerful combination of arcana. The Tower represents drastic changes and the release of old ways of thinking, while The Devil can represent hidden desires and passions. If you choose these arcana, it may indicate that the person in question is going through an intense period of change and could be reconsidering their relationship with you.

    The Sun and The World:

    These two major arcana represent success, fulfillment, and joy. If these arcana appear together in your reading, it could be an indication that the person is thinking of you as part of their happiest moments and sees a positive future with you.

    Strength and The Hermit:

    This combination of arcana can indicate a relationship where one is striving to maintain the connection, while the other needs some space and alone time. If you choose these arcana, it may be a sign that the person is thinking about you, but is also seeking some introspection and quietude.

    The Hanged Man and Death:

    This is an intense combination and can suggest that the person is going through a phase of transformation and change. The Hanged Man represents perspective and renunciation, while Death symbolizes the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. If you choose these arcana, it may be an indication that the person is thinking about you as they navigate these changes.

    The Moon and The High Priest:

    The Moon is associated with dreams, intuition, and hidden mysteries, while The High Priest represents wisdom and spiritual guidance. If you choose these arcana, it could suggest that the person is thinking about you in a deeper and more spiritual way.

    Justice and The Chariot:

    Justice implies fairness, truth, and law, while The Chariot is an arcana of victory, control, and determination. If they appear in your selection, these arcana may indicate that the person is thinking about you while seeking balance in their life and moving towards their goals.

    The interpretation of two major arcana can vary depending on your situation and the person in question. Make sure to reflect on what each arcana and each combination mean to you in your unique context.