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Will I get a raise?


    The ambition to grow and progress is a constant in our work life. A key aspect of this evolution is the improvement of our financial compensation. You wonder: Will I get a raise? Is it the right time to ask for a raise? How will my effort be valued? Tarot, with its deep symbolism and its ability to reflect our current circumstances, can offer valuable guidance on this path. In this section, we will help you understand how you can use tarot to explore these questions, what are the most significant cards in this query, and how to interpret combinations of major arcana in this matter.

    How the Application Works

    First, you must focus on your question: “Will I get a raise?”. It is important that you are in a state of tranquility and concentration while asking your question to the tarot. Our application allows you to enter your question so it can help you focus.

    Choose your cards, the application will present you with the virtual tarot deck. You will select two cards that will feel most resonant with you at that time. This process is based on your intuition and your connection with the images and symbolism of the cards.

    Interpretation of the cards, once you have selected your cards, the application will offer an interpretation based on the meaning of each card and their interaction together. This interpretation will focus on your question about a possible pay raise.

    Reflect on the answers. It is important to remember that tarot cards offer guidance and a new perspective, not definitive answers. After reading the interpretation of the cards, take some time to reflect on what it means for you and how it applies to your job and wage situation.

    Future consultations. Our application allows you to perform tarot consultations whenever you need it. You can ask the same question at a later time or explore new questions as your work circumstances evolve.

    Will I get a raise?

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    Which Cards are Most Relevant to the Question: Will I Get a Raise?

    When exploring the issue of a possible pay raise through tarot, there are certain major arcana that may have a particular meaning. Remember, however, that the context of the reading and the relationship with other cards present in the draw are always important factors to consider. Here are some of the most relevant arcana for this question.

    The Meaning of the Arcana in Wage Matters

    The Emperor: This card can indicate a solid and stable structure, which can suggest a pay raise if you are in a leadership position or if your work is very structured and organized.

    The Wheel of Fortune: This card speaks of changes and cycles, and may suggest that you are about to enter a more prosperous cycle. A pay raise might be on the way.

    The Sun: This card is generally a positive indicator and may suggest success, vitality, and growth. If it appears in a reading about a possible pay raise, it is a very favorable signal.

    Six of Pentacles: Although it is not a major arcana, this minor arcana deserves a mention in the context of a wage reading. It speaks of balance and financial justice, which could indicate the receipt of a fair raise.

    Salary Interpretation of Frequently Selected Arcana

    It’s important to keep in mind that each tarot card has multiple interpretations. Some cards may have more direct wage connotations, but all can offer relevant insight. For example, The Tower may be suggesting drastic and sudden changes that could affect your wage.

    When interpreting the cards, intuition and contextualization are key. Reflect on each card and how its meaning might apply to your wage situation. Remember that tarot cards offer guidance and perspective, but the final decision will always be in your hands.

    Combinations of Two Arcana that Reveal if I Will Get a Raise

    The reading of two major arcana together can offer a deeper perspective as to the possibility of a pay raise. Here are some combinations that could be indicative.

    The Emperor and The Sun

    The combination of The Emperor and The Sun suggests a positive outcome in terms of job development and recognition. In the context of a pay raise, this combination can be interpreted as a very promising signal, indicating that your efforts may be recognized and rewarded.

    The Star and Ten of Pentacles

    The Star is an arcana that symbolizes hope and a bright future, while the Ten of Pentacles (despite being a minor arcana) is usually associated with financial security and wealth. Together, these cards could indicate the possibility of a pay raise.

    The Wheel of Fortune and The World

    These two cards suggest a positive cycle change and the successful culmination of a period. In the context of a pay raise, this combination could indicate that you are about to enter a more prosperous stage in your work life.

    The Magician and The Emperor

    The Magician represents skills and the potential to manifest what you desire, while The Emperor speaks of authority and structure. If these cards appear together, they may indicate that your ability to take initiative and show leadership at work could lead to a pay raise.

    These are just some possible combinations, and the interpretation may vary depending on the context of your work and wage situation. Remember, tarot provides guidance and perspective, but the final decisions and actions are always in your hands.