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Why am I in this financial situation?


    In our life journey, personal economy is often an issue that requires our constant attention and reflection. It’s not always easy to understand why we’re going through a certain economic situation. But, have you ever considered that tarot could offer you a new perspective on this? We’ll explore how the tarot’s arcana can illuminate our economic path and provide us with valuable lessons. Through our innovative tarot app, you can randomly select two arcana and discover their interpretation for your economic situation. Immerse yourself in this fascinating journey of self-discovery and improvement of your economy with the help of tarot.

    How to use the app to reveal the why of your economic situation

    Our tarot app is designed to help you gain clarity on your current economic situation. Here’s how you can effectively use it:

    Focus on Your Question: Before starting the app, take a moment to focus on your economic situation. Visualize your financial concerns and formulate your question clearly and precisely, for example, “Why am I in this economic situation?”.

    Select Two Major Arcana: The app will show you the 22 Major Arcana. Select two cards at random. These will represent the essence of your economic situation and the possible challenges or factors at play.

    Interpretation of the Arcana: Once the arcana are selected, the app will reveal their interpretation in the context of your economic question. It’s important to remember that the Major Arcana speak of broad and fundamental life themes. Focus on how these themes relate to your financial situation.

    Reflect on the Interpretation: Take your time to reflect on the interpretation provided by the app. How do these Major Arcana relate to your economic situation? What lessons can you draw from them? Are there actions suggested by the arcana that you could take to improve your situation?

    Why am I in this financial situation?

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    Arcana informing economic issues

    The Major Arcana, 22 cards representing the most significant stages in the journey of life, can shed surprising light on our economic situation. Some of these arcana can indicate financial obstacles or economic challenges. Below, we’ll explore some of them:

    The Tower: This arcana is associated with sudden and chaotic changes. If it appears in an economic reading, it might suggest a financial crisis, such as job loss or a failing investment. However, it also invites to rebuild on a more solid foundation.

    The Devil: Symbolizes enslavement and addiction. In economic terms, it may indicate excessive debt or an obsession with materialism. This arcana warns about the need to free oneself from these financial ties.

    Wheel of Fortune: Although often signaling a change in fortune, this change can be both positive and negative. An unexpected twist in your finances may be on the horizon.

    The Fool: Represents risk and recklessness. In the financial aspect, this arcana could suggest impulsive or risky economic decisions. It’s a call to carefully evaluate your actions.

    Each Major Arcana has its nuances and should be interpreted in the context of the inquiry and the surrounding cards. However, these arcana can provide valuable insight into the economic challenges you’re facing.

    Arcana pairs signaling economic problems

    Tarot can speak in a complex language when two Major Arcana combine. Pairs of arcana can reveal deep and nuanced insights into our economic circumstances. Here are some combinations that could indicate economic problems:

    The Magician and The Tower: The Magician has the ability to manifest and create, but alongside The Tower, this pair could indicate the downfall of an economic project that initially seemed promising. The foundations may not be as solid as they appeared.

    The Devil and The Moon: The Devil can represent dependence or material slavery, while The Moon suggests deception and confusion. This combination could signal that you are being deceived in a financial situation or that you’re in denial about your real economic situation.

    The Fool and Wheel of Fortune: This pair suggests unexpected and risky changes. While The Fool is about taking risks, alongside the Wheel of Fortune, it might indicate that a financial risk taken could lead to an unwanted change in fortune.

    The Empress and Reversed Justice: The Empress symbolizes abundance, but when she appears alongside Reversed Justice, it might indicate an imbalance in your finances. It could suggest that generosity or excessive spending are causing a financial imbalance.