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Ask the Tarot

Online tarot with artificial intelligence

Reflect and formulate briefly and simply what worries you in a question. The Tarot will provide guidance so you can make appropriate choices and solve difficulties.

Please write only one question, whether related to love or employment, but not about both topics simultaneously. If you wish to raise another question, please make a new inquiry. Make sure the questions are asked in the first person. If you want to inquire about someone else, put yourself in their position when asking the question.


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Ask a question to the Tarot and receive a personalized answer

Would you like to receive personalized Tarot predictions? Our app allows you to ask a question and select a Major Arcana to receive an accurate and detailed answer. Discover what the future has in store for you and make informed decisions. Try our Tarot app right now and get revealing answers in seconds! It’s easy to use and completely free! Start exploring your destination today!

Simply type your question in the text field and select a major arcana to receive an answer from tarot cards. Our team of tarot experts has created an application that will give you an accurate and reliable prediction for any question you have in mind.

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