Sibyl’s Oracle

Sibyl’s tarot

Sibyl’s Oracle

Sibyl’s Oracle or Sibyl’s tarot

In Greek mythology, a sibyl is an Apolo’s priestess (just like Pythia) that provides an enigmatic and symbolic divination, offering long interpretations. Thanks to the Sibyls, humans could communicate with the divine, understand some secrets and relay them like trances, songs and dances to other mortals.

The rooms’ sibyl was a divinatory game widely used in cartomancy during 19th Century. The Sibyl (also called “Pythia”) was known as a famous fortune-teller in ancient times. The rooms’ Sibyl is Miss Lenormand (Napoleon Bonaparte and Empress Josefina’s famous cartomancer). This cards game is inspired in everyday life. The 53 cards were drawn by J.J Grandville in 1827 (a famous cartoonist). Predictions are about events of the consultant’s everyday life. Divinatory cards will be interpreted backward and forward.

Sibyl’s oracle: history and definition.

Sibyls symbolize the revelation in all the ways, which makes understandable the reason why we see it’s related to number 12 (like zodiac signs, Christ’s apostles) in some prophecies, some oracles.

Divination tarot through cards called Sibyl’s oracle is a divinatory game widely used in cartomancy since 19th Century, France. It’s the same Napoleon Bonaparte’s fortune-teller that spreads this game in mundane rooms.

This cards’ deck is inspire don the everyday life’s moments, and it’s composed by 52 cards (+1 supplementary card, the famous Sibyl’s which represents the consultant or the question), under the 6x11 format called “plates”. The cards can be reading and interpreting either backward or forward.

In Sibyl’s oracle we find the 8 principal sibyls, as well as the western sibyls (Cumae, Eritrea, Egypt, etc.) and the Eastern Sibyls (persian, delphic, lybian and chaldean).

At top left of each card is represented the card’s energy. Hearts represent fire’s element (physic and sensorial level), the squares represent the earth’s element (specific and material level, possessions), spades represent the air (mental and knowledge level, reflections). According to the card’s place and its position at the deal’s moment interpretation vary.