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Divination by ink stains

The divination by ink stains is an ancient divinatory art very popular within European fortune tellers during the 19th Century. This oracle allows predicting the future through the shapes formed by ink stains on a sheet of paper. This allows the seer discover the mood and life style of consultant.

For a fortune teller that knows perfectly the signs their relation, the help provided by this divinatory art is useful when a more realistic reading has to be done, due to certain patterns have to be followed.

To read this oracle we take a clean sheet of paper and fold it in half vertically. Then, we write the name of the person who is consulting in each half. Later, we spill 13 ink splatters on the paper carefully, avoiding folding or wrinkling it to let the ink spread out. After the ink dries, the seer will proceed to read the stains on the paper.

The ink spread can form shapes that can be understood as personal characteristics, hint of the past or sign of the future. Some of these shapes are the anchor that means renovation, the rings that mean engagement, the tree that means energy, the scale that means harmony, the hat and triangle that mean protection, the lips that refer to love, the butterfly that indicates independence and the wheel that symbolizes luck. This reading pattern allows the seer have a more reasonable vision of a specific situation.