Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball
Oracle Crystal Ball

The oracle of the crystal ball

Like the oracle in tarot, crystal balls have been used for many seers and spiritual guides in divination. Even though the first crystal balls were made of rock crystal, the actual crystal balls are made of glass; however, these balls are pure enough to let the seer reach the proper mental state to enter in a hypnosis in which he or she will see the shapes that will interpret.

This practice is related specially to gypsy people and Celtic druids that, before the creation of the crystal ball, used quiet ponds and water wells to reach a light hypnotic state to predict future.

The use of this tool is essential in crystallomancy (the art to predict the future on a smooth surface) due to it allows to reach a relaxed state that helps to communicate with subconscious to obtain the answers. To practice the art of crystallomancy the crystal balls can’t be touched by the sun or any other person that isn’t the seer, because thanks to its purity the seer will be able to perceive the shapes, colors and lights that will interpret. Focus on your question and let the crystal ball read your future!