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Mayan tarot
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Mayan tarot, as any other divinatory art, allows a person to obtain information about his/her emotional, familiar, professional and financial future.

This oracle is similar to the rest of tarots, though, it differs from the names and symbols in its cards. Traditional tarots have around 52 to 78 cards, however, Mayan tarot has 92 cards, and each of them symbolizes specific events. The reading of this oracle made by a professional in this oracle allows predicting the consultant’s near future.

The history of this tarot is closely related to Mayan civilization; though, as the date of origin of this civilization is unknown, there’s no information about the date when this mayan oracle was created. Despite this, experts in divinatory arts’ history know that its creation is related with the Mayan calendar. It is known the first date in this calendar dates back the year 3113 b.C, so if we can relate this year with the creation of the Mayan calendar, we could say that the Mayan tarot was created near this period.

Mayan empire had 3 historical periods: the first one was the Pre-Classic Period dated on 2000 b.C. The second one was known as the Classic Period, dated within the years 250 and 900 b.C. Finally, the Post-Classic Period goes from 900 a.C. to Spanish Invasion. Historians and clairvoyance Masters have discovered that Mayan civilization date from the Pre-Classic Period so even when the Mayan civilization has disappeared, hints like this one are still present in actual society.